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Stepper motor driver using the latest dedicated motor control DSP chip, vector closed-loop control technology, the original imported IPM. Greatly improve the stepper motor to lose step, step by step, but also significantly improve the motor speed performance, reduce motor fever and reduce motor vibration. The control signal and the internal signal realize photoelectric complete isolation technology, the driver can achieve the highest standard of anti jamming and EMC grade. Can drive 8.5A the following 85BYG, 90BYG, 110BYG , 130BYG series three-phase hybrid stepping motor.
AC220V power supply.
Two - maximum drive current per phase according to the distribution of the motor.
Three - the use of vector current control mode, accurate current output, with a full band sine wave control output, so that
Stepper motor of the operating performance of the AC servo motor.
Four. The function of the built-in parameter identification of the driver is very small, and the motor can obtain the excellent performance.
Five. Drivers built in anti - resonance algorithm, built in subdivision function, optimized the operation performance of low frequency and intermediate frequency.
Six. The drive in the observer, which greatly improves the high speed torque.
Seven - with a variety of sub patterns, special requirements can be customized.
Eight - have offline (FREE) control signal (W.F input).
Nine - adapter motor: 85BYG, 90BYG, 110BYG , 130BYG series stepper motor.

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